Series 1
Playoff Bound Debut LE Pack

Gear up for the playoffs with 'Playoff Bound' – a collection that sets the stage for playoff excitement. The set includes one riveting highlight per playoff-bound team from the regular season, 'Playoff Bound' offers a glimpse into the plays that contributed to their ascension into playoff contention.

Featuring jaw-dropping apples and late-game heroics from Aleksander Barkov, Evgeny Kuznetsov, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Cam Talbot, Sean Walker, Keegan Kolesar, and more!

Each pack contains 2 Playoff Bound highlights, 1 mystery Core highlight that could be from Base (25%), Base 2023-24 (25%), Stadiums & Skylines (25%), or Playoff Bound (25%), and 1 mystery highlight that could be from Guardians of the Net (26%), Light the Lamp (26%), Next-Gen Class (26%), Opening Ice 2023-24 (20%), Cause for a Celly: ‘90s (1.9%), or The Greatest Achievements (<1%).

Drop Details

Sale Starts: Friday April 19, 2024 at 1PM ET / 10AM PT

Remaining Inventory Released: Tuesday April 23, 2024 at 3PM ET / 12 PM PT

Price: $9 USD

# Packs Available: 4,000. Edition numbers are distributed randomly.


Purchase Limit: Ten (10) pack limit per person for the first 24 hours; limit increased to fifty (50) pack limit per person afterwards. Once the “Buy Now” process has started, users will have 10 minutes to complete checkout before the pack(s) is released for another collector to purchase.


Highlights Per Pack: 4

Pack Contents (Highlight Rarity, Edition Size):

  • Two (2) highlights from Playoff Bound (Core #/1500)
  • One (1) highlight with the following probabilities:
    • 25% Base (Core #/1500)
    • 25% Base 2023-24 (Core #/1500)
    • 25% Stadiums & Skylines (Core #/1500)
    • 25% Playoff Bound (Core #/1500)
  • One (1) highlight with the following probabilities:
    • 26% Light the Lamp (Limited #/500)
    • 26% Guardians of the Net (Limited #/500)
    • 26% Next-Gen Class (Limited #/500)
    • 20% Opening Ice 2023-24 (Rare #/250)
    • 1.9% Cause for a Celly: ‘90s (Epic #/100)
    • 0.1% The Greatest Achievements (Legendary #10)


Payment Methods Accepted: Most major credit and debit cards. Payments will be made via registered payment processor MoonPay where available; where not available, payments will be processed via Stripe.


Fan Marketplace: Packs and highlights are eligible to be sold to other collectors in the NHL Breakaway fan marketplace. See FAQ.


Transferability: Packs and highlights can be exchanged in the Trade Lounge™ with other NHL Breakaway users.


Blockchain: Polygon


Sets Included:


Collection Guarantee: Series 1 highlights will only be distributed during Series 1, which ends ~September 2024. We will not issue more than the edition limit we have set. Any editions not distributed in packs will not be distributed after the series end date (See FAQ for “Uncirculated Editions”)


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