The Next Generation of Highlights

Each highlight is carefully curated to capture the intensity of the NHL, as well as the significance of player and team milestones throughout a season or career.

Highlight Cover

The cover features the set art, and a unique photo from the highlight capturing the moment in NHL history.

Team Logo

The 32 iconic NHL logos have been recreated with an attention to detail that honors each club. Each collectible features the player’s team in the highlight.

Player Coin

The player coin features a seasonal photo of the player, and details about their position and team for the highlight.


Each highlight features the NHL Breakaway overlay and available authentic “sounds of the game” to truly capture the moment in history for collectors and fans.

Final Score & Set Coin

The closing coin features the final score of the game, and the highlight set name.

Rarity Tiers

Highlights are assigned one of 6 Rarities from Core to Heroic, each with a maximum edition size that will not change over time. For each tier, puck rarity is visualized using distinctive designs and colored rings.

Rarity Tier:
The foundation of all collections featuring seasonal highlights that represent each team across the league.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
No Rings / Silver Metallic
Reserved for thematic, exciting and impactful highlights and the perfect addition to a new collection.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
1 Ring / Silver Metallic
Reserved for special sets, and fan favorite players and highlights.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
2 Rings / Blue Metallic
Reserved for milestone highlights and notable player achievements.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
3 Rings / Iridescent Carbon Fiber
Reserved for the most meaningful highlights and legendary players in NHL history.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
4 Rings / Carbon Fiber Gold Foil
Reserved for dedicated fans and collectors for completion of sets and future quests.
Maximum Edition Size
Key Visuals
5 Rings / Carbon Fiber Chroma

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