Series 1
Modano’s Seminal Moments Pack

Collect one of three highlights celebrating seminal moments from Mike Modano’s record-breaking career with the Dallas Stars!

This commemorative collection is being released as part of Modano’s statue unveiling on March 16, 2024.

Each pack contains 1 mystery highlight that could be either tying the record for most career points by an American-born player (Core #/1500), game-tying goal in his last game at American Airlines Center in a Dallas Stars uniform (Limited #/500), or breaking the record for most career points by an American born player (Rare #/250).

Drop Details

Sale Starts: Friday March 15, 2024 at 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 10am PT


Price: $7 USD

# Packs Available: 2,250


Purchase Limit: Ten (10) pack limit per person for the first 24 hours; limit increased to thirty (30) pack limit per person afterwards. Once the “Buy Now” process has started, users will have 10 minutes to complete checkout before the pack(s) is released for another collector to purchase.


Highlights Per Pack: 1

Pack Contents (Highlight Rarity, Edition Size):

  • One (1) highlight with the following probabilities:
    • 66.7% Tying the record for most career points by an American-born player in 2007 (Core #/1500)
    • 22.2% Game-tying goal in last home game in a Dallas Stars uniform in 2010 (Limited #/500)
    • 11.1% Breaking the record for most career points by an American-born player in 2007 (Rare #/250)


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Fan Marketplace: Packs and highlights are eligible to be sold to other collectors in the NHL Breakaway fan marketplace. See FAQ.


Transferability: Packs and highlights can be exchanged in the Trade Lounge™ with other NHL Breakaway users.


Blockchain: Polygon


Sets Included:

  • Hometown History: Dallas Stars, Series 1 - Preview


Collection Guarantee: Series 1 highlights will only be distributed during Series 1, which ends ~September 2024. We will not issue more than the edition limit we have set. Any editions not distributed in packs will not be distributed after the series end date (See FAQ for “Uncirculated Editions”)


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